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 PMOP is a start of a concept that would benefit the community. It is a "win win" situation for everyone. The planning and building blocks are far from being over, but this may be a good start. PMOP is a concept to teach people we all have to live in this society and what we do, and how we do take care of our lives, depends on us.
Elk River Pizza Man has been in the community since 1999 and we have seen our fair share of crime. I feel it is my time to do something about it. Crime affects everyone, by increase prices, more taxes for police officers, judges, attorneys, jail space, gas, etc... In this day and age we need to be the most effective as possible because it will be more expensive in the future.

‚ÄčWhat is PMOP?

PMOP is "Pizza Man on Patrol."

What is the purpose of PMOP?

PMOP would be an extra set of eyes for the community, similar to the Neighborhood Watch, and to help law enforcement agencies.

Why have PMOP?

Having PMOP will help in many ways:
Our drivers are out on the road constantly and all over the city. It may deter criminals from our neighborhoods knowing that there are more eyes watching out for our community than just police.
Officers will feel that the community is behind them.
It will bring the police dept. closer to the community, filling the gap between the police and citizens.
It will give satisfaction to everyday people knowing they are making a difference. 
Our drivers carry cell phones, 911 is only a call away.
It may help keep taxes down by not needing extra police officers on the road. Officers will be able to take more time on the important tasks citizens can't, such as speeders, DWI, accidents, etc.

What is the cost of the program?

There shouldn't be a cost, except some training and time. We all live and work in this city and it should be everyone's responsibility to help protect it. This would be a step up from what we already should be doing.

Why am I, personally, doing this?

I have been a victim of crime both in business and personally. I have said, "If I would have done something??, this wouldn't have happened.". It will also help my drivers be a step above any other driver, with the task of making a difference in society, because this is their home too.

What is the extent of the driver's duty?

The most extensive duty is to be law abiding. Keep your eyes open and call 911 if needed. Drivers would not take the law into their own hands, if that were the case we all would be policemen, and we are not. We are just an extra set of eyes.